1. What is BitterGlitter?
Bitter Glitter was born on December 16, 2015 during a dangerous mission to kill a bottle of wine. Tonya spoke some "golden words" and Doug coupled it with an originally created composition titled "Soul Crusher". The idea behind Bitter Glitter is simple, we all have demons in one form or another. We all are trying to deal with them. Veterans have a slightly skewed view of life. Some say veterans possess a dark humor and a odd sense of what is motivating. We aren't going to argue those points, instead we are going to create original works of art that some might suggest have a dark sense of humor and an odd sense of motivation. Come along on our journey and don't be afraid to voice your ideas too! All net profits from the sale of these items is donated back to Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) or community charities. in 2022 alone we've donated over $500+ in cash and food stuffs to the Montgomery County Food Bank and $300+ to the Tunnels to Towers organization.

2. Who makes these designs?
We do! Tonya is responsible for coming up with the words and Doug comes up with the phot/graphic design. If someone else contributes, such as in the "You're testing the limits of my medication" design, they are credited in the item description and sent that item as a thank you.

3. Where do the products come from?
Our products come from multiple suppliers because no one supplier can do everything. A majority of our product come from the USA. This means that the design is printed on the item in the USA from a USA small business. If the description does not say "Printed in the USA" then we don't know where the product actually came from.

Our RedBubble.com and Zazzle.com stores have products that we are not sure where the country of origin is BUT those products are not offered by our printers in the USA.

4. Shipping cost and times?
This is another one of those.."well, it depends" answers.

Most products take about a week, depending on where it is shipping from and where it is being delivered, to receive after printing. Printing takes anywhere from 1 - 5 days depending on the product and dry times of the designs.

5. What is your return policy?
At this time we DO NOT offer returns on any products.

The exception to this rule is if the product arrives damaged. Please contact info@bitterglitter.us for more information.